Countryside tourism – Ethno woodenhouse “Konaci Jankovic”
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Ethno woodenhouse “Konaci Jankovic”:
Konaci Janković are three bed lodge made in modern ethnic style. Besides outbuildings offer accommodation there is a guest house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
An ideal place for rest and recreation represents Mušići village at the foot of Divčibare, 9 km from Kosjeric and 140 km from Belgrade. The village of Mušići is surrounded by mountain ranges and Povlen Crnokosa the one hand and on the other side of Divčibare.
Homemade food:

full accomodation 2000 rsd
half accomodation 1800 rsd
overnight stay with breakfast 1500 rsd
overnight stay 1200 rsd
childred up to 4 years free
children from 4 to 7 years 30%
children from 7 to 10 years 50%
Residence tax and insurance will be charged extra (50 rsd per person).

Konaci Janković is located at 140 km from Belgrade. From Belgrade and Novi Sad, the nearest is reached via Valjevo and Divčibare road leading to Užice. On the road from Valjevo to Užice on the bypass road Kosjerić on the left side of the highway rural asphalt road you will reach the Mušići village.
Our village belongs Zlatibor District, municipality of Kosjerić, 31260 Mušići bb.
You can contact us via e-mail or to call our phone numbers. We are expecting you!
tel. +381 (0) 31 585 020
tel.+381 (0) 65 33 55 335
tel.+381 (0) 64 23 71 575
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